Waiting For A Knight So Bold As To Rescue Me...

10:24 PM

Emma Grace does not sit through many movies - except for Shrek. I guess it's because she LOVES princesses! Almost daily she puts on her blue princess dress and informs us that she is Princess Fiona. The other night I had gone down to the basement to get the laundry. When I came up, she was sitting on the stairs and it made me think of the line in Shrek when Princess Fiona says she's been "waiting on a knight so bold as to rescue her..."

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  1. Hello fellow bloggers! So great to see Emma Grace looking completely princess-ly. Jen we were very disappointed that you weren't able to come along to South Africa this time, but are THRILLED that we will see you in only a few months! Jeremy, we were so encouraged by all of you guys. Thanks! We are heading back to Mozambique tomorrow and feel refreshed and full of new ideas. We will be praying for you as you pack up and move your family here. So exciting! Many blessings.... Ginna


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