A Home Unpacked...

5:07 AM

Well, it’s official. We’re moved into our house and every box is unpacked. It’s so nice to not just have a house but a home. I asked the kids the other day if they liked this house as much as their house in Connecticut since all their things were here and they said yes. I’m thankful that they feel they can settle now. I put pictures of the inside of our home so you can feel a part of our world! The paint colors aren’t our first choice but they will do for now. We still have a few things we have to do like return the borrowed curtains and appliances and purchase new ones but we’ll get there. And we even have a guest room to host all of our friends!

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  1. your house looks beautiful and homey! i am so excited for you guys! and thanks for doing this blog page, it is so nice to keep up with you and the kids.

  2. Oh how beautiful... these pictures make me feel happy... I had infact a bit worried about you guys living in Africa, but hey, what was I thinking?! It's the prices! You really rocked the house- awesome job.


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