Joshua Turns 6!

4:00 PM

April 3 Joshua turned 6! We took him out for a family dinner and a movie, "Horton Hears A Who!" But the real party was on the 4th. We had an awesome party with a Spongebob cake! He had a great time playing with all his friends and opening all his presents. Thanks everyone!

The Cake - Yes, I made it myself!

Schalk and Herman cooking the meat on the braai.

Emma Grace chatting it up! And posing...

Joshua having a blast with his friends.

Blowing out the candles. He chose the eye piece to eat.

Opening presents...

Poor things...maybe they'll also get a Spongebob cake for their birthday.

Joshua got lots of fun things for his birthday but I think the best was getting a new cousin...

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  1. What a great party! You did an awesome job with the cake, Jen!!!


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