Art Therapy

7:25 AM

After going into the community every other Saturday for a couple of months now, we're learning what's working and what the kids like. We're also getting more organized! This past Saturday we set up stations. In March we had a volunteer come and donate lots of Stampin Up supplies (thanks Susan!) so we had one station of rubber stamping, one of building blocks, and one of songs. It worked so well and the kids had a blast. We ended our time by everyone singing together and playing games before serving lunch. Here's a video of the stations we did:

We're also seeing the need to do more art therapy with the kids. What is art therapy? It's using the arts such as music, painting, crafts, etc. to allow the children to express themselves knowing that the creative process brings about healing that many so often need after dealing with such trauma as losing their parents due to HIV/AIDS. We are hoping to explore this further as we build more relationship with the children.

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  1. so glad that you guys can continue using the stamping supplies with the kids and community. it was really fun to see the kids have so much fun (even the boys!). -susan


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