I Love The Office!

7:16 AM

Have any of you ever watched The Office? I must say, despite Steve Carrell's uncomfortable humor, it's one of my favorite shows. We just finished watching Season 3 on DVD (thanks Mom!). Some of it's priceless! Like Jim coming to work dressed up as Dwight. Or when Jim puts Andy's cell phone in the ceiling and then keeps calling it. But let's not forget the episode "Women's Appreciation!" I mean how funny can you get! We are anxiously awaiting Season 4 to come on DVD so we can continue the hilarious laughs! If you've never watched it and you're in the mood to laugh, I highly recommend it!

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  1. Sounds like you need to go to hulu.com - you can watch episodes of The Office and tons of other shows for free, with some commercials. Patrick and I found this recently, and we've watched a couple episodes of NewsRadio, and the quality is quite good. Enjoy!


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