The Kind Of Story That Breaks Your Heart...

6:42 AM

Our local contact in one of the communities we are working in called us the other day and told us a heartbreaking story. A 12 year old girl, homeless and with no clothes or anything, had a baby 4 weeks ago. She was kicked out of where she was staying when the baby was born and had nowhere to go, so our friend took her in. We were all heartbroken to hear this, knowing that the circumstances in which she got pregnant could not have been good and knowing that this happens all too often in these communities. We took the girl and the baby some clothes, shoes, and blankets. She is a depressed, young girl who now has to do things way beyond her maturity level. Please pray for her and all the other young girls living in these communities who are vulnerable and not safe. It reminds us that we, as the body Christ, have to respond to this pandemic and show the love of Jesus to these children. Thanks for your prayers...

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