Our Little Bird Feeder

7:15 AM

Here in South Africa, jobs are sometimes hard to come by - especially for those who live in the communities or who don't have a lot of education. We get so many people who come to our gate selling things - just trying to make a buck so they can eat. One day a man came selling these awesome bird feeders that he made out of bamboo. They were only R20 (about $2.50) so we bought one and put it up outside. The kids love seeing the birds come by to eat!

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  1. Birdfeeders provide much entertainment for Timothy as well. He loves to watch the birds on the birdfeeder while he eats. The last time we filled the feeder was on Monday, and they have already eaten all the food, so there's been a lot to watch! He will point outside and say "Buh, buh" until I look and acknowledge that I, too, see the bird.

  2. jen...beautiful shot! I love the blurred background with purple that matches the bird. I would frame that one if I were you :-) Glad to see you are enjoying your camera!!

  3. Your picture is priceless! I love doves - didn't know (until now) that they also live in Africa! Feeding birds is one of the few affordable joys in life that just about anyone can participate in :-)


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