What Do You Miss The Most?

7:03 AM

I get asked that question a lot. I like to think that I'm pretty adaptable and that there's nothing I can't do without. However, after living here in SA for over a year now, I've realized there are some things that I miss.

1. Starbuck's coffee - Haven't quite found the same caliber of coffee over here.
2. High speed internet - I should actually put this one first because I definitely miss it the most!
3. Being able to complete my errands in a timely manner! Life moves a little slower here in Africa. It's not a bad thing. In many ways, I like it, but it has taken me some time to get used to the fact that it takes me a whole day to complete a list of errands. (It took us 5 hours to open a checking account here if that gives you any indication.)
4. Having a one stop shop! I usually have to go to 2 or 3 stores just to buy everything on my grocery list. WalMart can be a blessing.

I think that about completes my list. There's not a lot of "things" I miss. I can usually substitute when cooking or learn to make from scratch (which I actually have come to love). All in all, I really like living in Africa. I love that my kids are getting an experience like this. In many ways, our life is not "normal" but I'm glad my kids think it is!

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  1. I like your thoughts on living in Africa!

    Yes, I miss high speed internet most as well. I told my parents that it takes 10 hours to upload a 2 minute video of the kids, and my dad replied, 'it's worth it!'

  2. hey jen, how bout a blog on the top things you like in rsa but cant get in the usa?

  3. 5 hours to open a checking account...I would have been fired if I had taken so long to do that at the credit union where I used to work!

    I'm sure that learning to cook from scratch is fun...I don't have that particular skill yet, but I hope that as the kiddos get older, I can start to learn that. Right now, I value anything that comes out of a box and goes straight into the oven! :)


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