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From Kidtastrophies

Joshua picked a little hiding spot in our house...under the borrowed futon in our guest room. The other night Emma Grace couldn't find the doll she wanted to sleep with so I briefly looked underneath the "hiding spot." I didn't find the doll but found this instead:

From Kidtastrophies

I was NOT happy to say the least. Joshua colored on the wall. He got a stern warning and I went to searching for how to get crayon marks off of concrete walls. I knew our landlord would not be happy about finding that! Back in the US of A, I would use magic eraser but unfortunately you can't find that here so I had to go back to the basics. I found a good website, Tip Nut, that gave me the help I needed. After scrubbing very hard with toothpaste, this is what the wall looked like:

From Kidtastrophies

It's not all gone but it's not a "GASP" mark anymore!

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  1. Love the picture of Joshua peeking out of his hiding spot.

    Magic Eraser rocks! I have some tiny fragments left of one a very kind friend sent me. I'll use it up getting this apartment ready for its next inhabitant. Great work getting the crayon off so well without Eraser power!!


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