Nighttime Lullabies!

1:15 AM

For several weeks, our evenings have been filled listening to the lullaby of croaking frogs. Did you know that it's only the male who croaks and it's to attract the females during mating season and to warn the other males to stay away? Listening to this video, it sounded like a whole chorus of males croaking together! There's no picture, just the sound of frogs!

Sadly, after I came out of my sick stupor, the croaking frogs were gone! I'm going to miss that lullaby!

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  1. Awe, I loved that! I was just thinking the other day that one thing I would really miss when we move to SA is the sound of locust(cicadas) in summer in Texas. Guess they don't have those is Africa, but I could sure get used to the frogs!


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