First Day Of School...Well, Sort Of...

1:12 AM

A couple of months ago, Joshua's teacher approached me with a great idea. She suggested we send Emma Grace to school a couple of days a week with Joshua for the last term, just so she could ease into going next year. We both loved the idea so we talked to her and Joshua about it. They were both excited but when yesterday morning came, there was a look of uncertainty on her face. I was tempted just so say, "It's ok. We'll try next week." But then I knew that the same thing would happen next week, so I buckled down and encouraged her she could do it.

We prayed for her in the car on the way to school. Then we got to school. The tears flowed, but I knew that I couldn't take her home - even though I desperately wanted to. So we left our crying baby with her teacher. Jeremy and I reassured ourselves while we walked to the car. If we rescued her, then the cycle would just repeat itself. We're praying that the crying would lessen with each day!

When we arrived to pick up the kids, Emma Grace came running. We talked to the teacher and she assured us that the crying didn't last long. She helped Teacher Vicki make a cup of tea and returned to the classroom where about 5 boys tried to play big brother to her. After a while she'd had enough and informed her teacher that she needed some space! The boys complied and gave her their drawings for the day. Does Daddy have a reason to be concerned!?

Emma Grace made her own artwork at her first day of school...

And then came home, made a little bed on the floor, and crashed! Going to school is hard work!

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  1. Well if Jeremy didn't already know his work was cut out for him, he's now been officially notified! :)

    Enjoy your sweet rest after a successful conference!

  2. Letting your babies grow up is hard work!! Hope you enjoyed some time to yourself despite wondering how she was doing at school. Love the crashed out pic!

  3. Yes, it is, Courtney! We did take advantage of the time and went to the coffee shop and just had time together. It was amazing! No kids in the middle of the day and we didn't even have to find a babysitter! It was wonderful!

  4. I said it once, I'll say it again.... Daddy needs a shotgun! Think of you guys so much an so sorry we never got together before we left. But you had a LOT on your plates!!!!!!!!! Seems the conference wnt well. Good job! Miss you all.

  5. what a cute kid! Bruno has started pre school this term and comes home in a similar way!!


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