Get Your 2009 Calendars Here!

1:28 AM

That's right! I've designed a calendar available in 2 different sizes and styles of photos from my last year in Africa. It's available to purchase at my store on Lulu. I also have several of my prints available for purchase in 8X10 or 11X14 poster sizes, framed or unframed. So head on over here or look on my sidebar to check it out! Here's sampling of the prints in the calendar:

The past year and a half I've realized my love for photography and capturing a story with my photos. This is one of my creative outlets to show off some of my work. Let me know what you think! And these would make perfect Christmas gifts! :)

"If you want to publish your content using a more traditional approach, there are plenty of new tools available. Lulu is an independent publishing marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers." -

Lulu has creators from 80 countries and distributes to over 100.

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  1. Beautiful! By the way I have tagged you. Check out my blog to see details. Have fun.

  2. I love the closeup shot of the orange flower. So pretty!!! You'll have to let me know how selling the prints and calendars goes for you. My mom had suggested I make a calendar of my pics from Africa, but I definitely need a much better camera before I attempt that!!

  3. Jen, your pictures are beautiful. Photography is also a passion of mine so maybe you can help me when we finally get to africa(:


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