I Love The Wild Card!

1:16 AM

This year we decided to get a Wild Card which is basically a one year season pass to Kruger National Park and other parks within S. Africa and Swaziland. It's great because now we can go in whenever we like! (It's just down the road from us!) It's amazing to see God's creation in their natural habitat. And it's so worth it when you see animals like this:

We like to make muffins or banana bread and go in for a little picnic. The kids love it! And I love that we can "picnic" in a National Park full of lions, zebras, giraffe, etc. The adventures of living in Africa!

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  1. It makes so much sense to buy a season pass when you live near a spectacular attraction like that. Wow!

    I guess there must be safe areas in the park where fresh baked bread and cute little kids are no temptation to the wild life?!

  2. Ha ha...good question, Elisa! Yes, there are gated camps where you can sleep overnight as well as go in for a picnic. Of course it doesn't always keep out all the animals but there are rangers around so that adds a little bit of safety!

  3. wow! this just makes it all the more exciting for me to get over there(: and i have a picture of me and joshua on the very same statue!!(:


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