One Of White River's Best Kept Secrets!

1:15 AM

So I know most of my readers are located in the states and that this bit of info won't be too helpful (or maybe even exciting to you), but I was so excited I had to share it! You see, I've been frustrated with the available peanut butter here in SA since I arrived last year. I know I was spoiled in the states with all the abundant choices. My kids have been used to eating natural peanut butter with no added sugar, and I was disappointed when moving here that I couldn't find that in the local grocery. Sure the label said natural, but I could tell when opening it that it wasn't natural. Very sweet with a texture that had the evidence of added trans fat.

I recently visited The Nut Shop here in White River with the expectation of just buying peanuts and making my own peanut butter. I'd been there before but this time, guess what they had!? Real all natural peanut butter! And the best part? Only R7 a jar compared to R20 at the grocery! So while my USA friends might be bored reading this important tidbit of info, I hope my local SA friends find this helpful - especially if you've been as frustrated about peanut butter as I've been!

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  1. We're avoiding peanuts, but I am sure when I introduce peanut butter, it will be the all natural type.

    And I can so identify with getting excited over finding a product that you weren't able to get before. Every place has its own unique offerings - I'm rejoicing with you that your town now has natural peanut butter!! :)

  2. Haha Jen! This is so funny! When we lived in Kosovo it was like a MAJOR newspoint bulletin whenever any of the stores carried anything from home like salsa or taco chips or REAL cheddar cheese. We would call everyone and let them know. It was seriously sometimes better than Christmas day:) So happy you found a treasure:)
    I really like your blog. I've checked it out a couple times but I don't think I've commented yet. The recipes all seem so yummy. I am aiming to try some of them very soon.
    You all look great and we are so excited about University Village! What an incredible ministry.
    Love you guys!


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