A Retreat To South Africa's Capital...Pretoria!

1:13 AM

After a VERY busy week last week, we decided we needed to just get away, rest, and have much needed family time. We contemplated where to go and finally decided to go to South Africa's capital city...Pretoria. Jeremy and I, after living in New Haven, both miss the city. It sounded good to go stay in a hotel and be in the city again! We went with no planned itinerary (even me "Miss Plan Everything Ahead Of Time!") and just did things as we felt like it! Our itinerary helps explain all the pictures!

Our "Plan As You Go" Itinerary

Day 1
Check out the view from our room
Visit Centurion Mall and marvel at the size of the shops!
Eat Dinner at Dulce Cafe
Veg in room reading, watching TV, and just hanging out!

Day 2
Sleep in!!!
Morning dip in the cold pool
Visit shops
Coffee at Seattle's
Take kids to Open Season 2
Lunch at McDonald's (they spotted it on the way in!)
Naps for everyone!
Another dip in the pool
A trip to Buddy Bear (like Build-A-Bear but half the price!)
Dinner at Cafe Bulgatti
A quick trip to the playground with their new furry friends
Back to the room to veg!
Artery clogging goodness. Ok, maybe goodness is too strong a word...how about just nourishment?

Day 3
Sleep in again!
Veg in room coloring, playing chicken foot...
Picnic lunch to celebrate birthdays! (Another post on that later.)
Visit shops
Go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Dinner at Cafe 41

Day 4
Make the 4 hour trek back home and sigh that vacation is over...

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  1. Wow, so glad you guys could get away and get some much needed rest, relaxation, and family time. Sounds like you had a blast!! I was reading a magazine in the pediatrician's office yesterday and they were talking about a cool artisan's community in South Africa, not that far away from Jo'burg. I think it started with Gua....anyways, not sure if that is enough of a clue to figure it out, but it sounded like a really cool, artsy place!

  2. I'm so glad you guys got a break! It looks like it was a splendid one. Can't beat that artery clogging goodness:)!!!


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