The Backyardigans Are So Cool!

12:00 AM

Can I just say that I LOVE The Backyardigans!? For those of you who have never watched them, it's a group of friends (all animals) who start each episode going on an adventure and then end it by having snack time! I like it because it inspires my kids to make up adventures on their own. Like when the kids play super heroes, Emma Grace always wants to be Weather Woman (played by Uniqua in the episode Race To The Tower Of Power). Her super power is she controls the weather! So, parents, if you've never seen The Backyardigans, you must try it out. It's definitely an A++ in my book!

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  1. We'll have to check it out! We don't have cable, but maybe the library will have some to rent.

  2. I can't believe you let your kids watch that trash! LL

  3. Sorry that was my husband trying to be funny who left that last comment. It really is a great kid's show!


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