Texas Photo Shoot

11:46 PM

I just love Texas. I mean, what other state offers their shape in just about everything? From magnets to hot tubs, you can find the shape of Texas everywhere! While we were at Jeremy's parents in Gruver, I wanted to do a fun Texas photo shoot with the kids. An old, rusted pickup, John Deere tractor, cactus, and a wagon wheel? Perfect...

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  1. Hey Jen
    I haven't had internet for a month, so am catching up on your blog. It seems to me that Joshua has had a serious growth spurt. He is so tall!!!! You guys look well and your photos are (as always) STUNNING! Miss you a lot! When are you going back to SA? Love to the family!

  2. I love the pics! Especially the first and last ones.

  3. One of the best kids' photo shoots I've seen in ages. Absolutely phenomenal photography - and of course you have gorgeous subjects as well!!


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