Winter Weather Creates Stillness...

11:54 PM

While in Gruver, TX on Tuesday, it snowed! It reminded me of those great memories when we lived in Connecticut. A white out always called for a gathering at our house of all our friends. Watching movies, playing games, laughing together, eating every meal together. Such fun times. And the coldness that kept us inside most of the day also caused us to pause, slow down, and just enjoy the stillness that seems to be so rare in our busy lives.

We did manage to get outside for a few minutes for a quick snowball fight and of course...a snowman! Someone mentioned that no one would dare hit the one with the technology in her hands, but as you can see, those guys didn't hold to that!

We had fun and then came inside and enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate!

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  1. ITS SO NICE TO SEE FAMILIAR FACES - SONG AND HANK!!!! Hope you're having an awesome time. Wish we were there! And SO impressed with your knitting! Well done. I STILL haven't finished my beanie, but am going to get onto it right now as you have inspired me! Hey, we should do a knit/crochet swap! That would be fun!

  2. What a fun day! Beautiful pictures!!

  3. LOL, Jeremy has such an evil glint in his eye! Did he get you with the snowball???

  4. Great pics! Looks like you guys had a fun day!


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