DTSers Arrive Today!

12:08 AM

The classroom is finished. (Complete with ceiling fans and electrical outlets!)

The door tags are up.

The welcome baskets on the beds.

All we need are some students!

So in the midst of the busyness, 5 of us have been planning for the upcoming Compassion DTS. (Youth With A Mission's Discipleship Training School.) All of the students arrive today and we are so excited to meet them and share what God does in their lives over the next 5 months.

Our priority is to see them grow deeper in their walk with God and to leave a different person than when they came. We have 7 students from America and Africa all coming together to live in community. Please pray for them that they would experience the fullness of God!

I've worked with many DTS programs. My passion is definitely discipleship. I love being a part of someone's life and God allowing me to speak into them. This is the first time I've actually led a school and while I'm excited, I'm also a little nervous at the same time. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for trying to do this with two small children and then other times, I'm excited that I get to do my passion! Please keep me in your prayers. I'm learning to ask for help (Jeremy and our friend, David Song [he lives with us right now] get dinner prep and dish duty regularly) and trying to take those moments to just sit and be in the presence of God. Thanks for sharing this exciting journey with me!

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  1. DTS...I LOVED my DTS. LOVED it! I came back and worked with the school and loved it even more. It is the most amazing thing to be around those that are so hungry for the things of the Lord. I still have friendships from that time.

    I LOVE the classroom!! Great job! The tags and welcome baskets are awesome! :)

  2. I will be praying for you. It's so wonderful that you get to live out your passion!

  3. So excited for you to have an opportunity to invest in others' lives and live out your passion!

    God has clearly opened this door for you to take this time to do this, even as a mother of little ones. When He opens those doors, you can know beyond a doubt that He will work His good and pleasing will through you!!!

  4. I'm sure you'll do a great job Jen! It's encouraging for me as a young mom in ministry to see the things you are able to do.


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