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12:07 AM

In the midst of the busyness, I find myself stealing moments to just sit. And knit. It's been so relaxing and de-stressing for me. It helps me to unwind from a very crazy day. Here are some of my recent projects over the last week and half. I'm having loads of fun practicing and learning new techniques. And I've found tons of cool, free patterns from Ravelry. Very fun.

First we have Soule Mama's Favorite Knit Hat. And yes, I made matching ones. I always said I would never do that but I couldn't resist this super cute pattern.

Joshua decided he also needed a hat. He picked a white yarn. Why he picked white yarn I have no idea. I mean how do you keep that clean? Bleach. Lots and LOTS of bleach! I used French Vanilla Patterns Bulky Knit Child's Hat pattern.

I also did a little dishcloth with some cheap, free yarn for Emma Grace's play kitchen. It's a miniature version for her miniature kitchen!

And finally we have another Sweet Little Purse for my friend, Lynn. It's a very late birthday present, but for a gal who loves all things blue and yellow, I don't think she will mind!

A special thanks to my little models who so willingly posed for the photo shoots. This time anyway!

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  1. I love the hats..sweet! I used to knit..so very long ago. This is very inspiring! I may have to dig out my stuff! Wait...maybe buy some NEW stuff...lol :) Hopefully, I will remember...like riding a bike? hopefully!

    Have a blessed weekend!!

  2. I love your matching hats!!! You have done a beautiful job. I would love to learn to knit.

  3. Jen...these are beautiful. My only experience with knitting was one scarf that I did, pulled apart, tried again, and I just couldn't ever get it to stay even throughout. When we come in August, I need some knitting lessons!

  4. Wow!! Love these projects. And in the summer, too. You are making beautiful use of your time and talents.


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