11:56 PM

You gotta love it when your child is happy with who God made them to be. Joshua wrote this song in the car one day. And I L-O-V-E it!

"I love how God made me.
Just the way He made me.
I don't care if I'm black or white.
I don't care what color hair.
Cause I like how God made me.
Just the way He made me."

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  1. That is so precious! And how sweet to have gotten it on video. My son made up a little song a few years ago. It was short and said "God made everything, that's the way it goes." There's a little tune to go with it, and you repeat that line a few times. The fun thing is that we STILL sing it sometimes and we all have so much fun with it. One of those special memories. We'll all be singing it together years from now Lord willing. :)

  2. Wonderful creativity and theology!!


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