Gifting My Handmades

12:00 AM

I have decided that every gift I give must have a touch of handmade in it. Doesn't it just speak of love when you have spent your precious time making it? I think so. So with a wedding and a birthday within a week of each other, I was busy. Hence, the mystery project had to be put aside for now.

For the wedding I decided to make a lavender scented sachet. A bit girly, I know, but it went perfect with some bathroom items on their registry. I found the pattern in a cute little magazine we get here in S. Africa called The Art Of Knitting. Instead of going with the pattern of knitting hearts on the bag, I opted for little flower bursts instead. DEFINITELY screamed, "GIRL," but I was pleased with the results.

wedding sachet

wedding sachet

My friend, Lindsey's, birthday falls on Valentine's Day. She loves pink and brown so I decided to make her a purse in those colors. I decided to try a different pattern from my Sweet Little Purse, and went with Sampler Stitch Purse by Frugalhaus found here.

knit purse

If you're wondering how I had the time to do all this, I utilized my "traveling in the car for hours" time to be productive with my crafts!

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  1. I LOVE my purse! I am impressed at how well your projects are turning out since you just started knitting pretty recently.

    Have you thought of teaching any of the women in the community how to knit? They could make stuff that could be sold in the States to earn money for them.


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