The Wedding

12:15 AM


About 2 hours before the wedding, storm clouds rolled in. Not good for an outside wedding! And not common in the Cape where rainy season is during the winter months.

What started as a 60% chance of showers turned into what could have been 100% disaster! The tables were already decorated beautifully so when the showers came, we all just ran inside. It eventually turned to light drizzle and then stopped. But the most beautiful thing was the double rainbow that appeared during the ceremony.


Sure, the tablecloths were damp and the serviettes too wet to place in your lap but the bride and groom were happy nonetheless and didn't let this act of mother nature spoil their special day.

After the ceremony we enjoyed lamb that was slow cooked all day on the spit. It was that kind of amazing taste that just melts in your mouth.


Live entertainment was provided by Daniel Bedingfield, a good friend of Marguerite's. (You might recognize the Bedingfield name by his sister, Natasha, who has really made it big in the states.) It was fun rocking to original music as well as some old favorites!

daniel singing

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  1. Your photography Rocks!! I am so jealous!

    It was nice to meet you and look around a bit!

    God Bless You and your work!

  2. Just by reading your description in your profile I can't wait to read more about your family and your work in Africa.
    Your pictures are beautiful (I did scroll down the page to take a quick look).
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Those are always so encouraging.
    "See" you soon.North Africa??? We are in South Spain.....

  3. Okay, ignore the part where I ask you about north Africa.... I just realized I was wrong and it was south Africa.....

  4. Wow, that rainbow is awesome. That gets more special as the years go by, doesn't it? Happy V Day


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