When The Parents Are Away...

11:53 PM

  • Eating sushi for lunch...
  • Watching movies during the day that don't have animation or funny voices...
  • Sleeping in (well, 8:45 may not be looked at as sleeping in in some people's eyes but for parents it certainly is!)
  • Going into the toy store - and trying on silly things!
acting silly
  • Not having any agenda...
  • Sipping on coffee for several hours...
relaxing with coffee

What does that sound like evidence of? You guessed it! Two parents away without their kids! We just got back from beautiful Capetown. Jeremy and I were able to find sitters for our kids so we could get away for about 5 days. We hung out in the city and then attended a wedding. It was a great retreat for us. Even though it's nice to get a break, just the two of us, it's always nice to get back and see the kids! More on our trip to Capetown in posts this week!

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  1. Sounds blissful!

    BTW, I'm linking to you later this week.

  2. 5 days?! How wonderful!! And, yes - 8:45 certainly is a sleeping in treasure! Sounds like you had a wonderful getaway.

  3. Wow 5 days??!! Being able to just get away for 1 night would be heaven for me! 2.5 months to go until I'm free from nursing!! Anyway, I'm so glad you and Jeremy got a much-needed break.

  4. Seriously...I don't know what 5 days away from the kids with nothing really to do would be like. But I would like to! Glad you had fun!

  5. Glad you had such a wonderful time. How nie that would be!


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