13 Years Ago This Week...

12:40 AM

...I was 18 years old and setting off for an experience that forever changed my life. I moved to Tyler, TX to go through Youth With A Mission's Discipleship Training School. The 6 years I lived in Tyler were such rich times where I began lasting friendships, met my husband, and saw God change me into someone who is confident in who I am in Christ. Those years took me on adventures to Azerbaijan, Haiti, India, Thailand, Mongolia, Norway, South Africa, N. Africa, and all over the USA where I did everything from teaching English to working in refugee camps, from kid's clown ministry to cleaning toilets, as a single, married, and pregnant (sadly, that's why I still can't do Thai food) missionary!

I am so thankful for that decision that God led me in. It has definitely forever changed my life and started this amazing journey that led us here to S. Africa. Isn't it awesome to stop for a moment, look back on your life, and see the amazing things God has done?

Below are some of my memories that have made it to scrapbooks. I look so young!

N. Africa

Washington, D.C.



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  1. What a blessing and a testimony to other youth it is that you prepared yourself for the ministry so early in life. I got saved when i was 13 but didn't get serious about the Lord until I was 20. I missed a lot of time.
    I alsolove scrapbooking.... having done it in a while though :) I am using all my free time with this blog thing :).

  2. We're so glad to be a part of this amazing journey in South Africa with you and your family. Wow-you had really blond hair in Haiti...and a tan!

  3. Wow!! how great is that?! You are having such an amazing life experience right now, I'm excited to read about your journey!


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