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12:10 AM

my creativeness

What the title does NOT imply:
  • Jen is oh, so creative that she can't be contained.
  • The ideas flow like a rushing tide.
  • Jen's creativity mesmerizes people.

What it DOES imply:
  • Jen has come to an understanding that creativity is something that cannot be put into a box.
  • Everyone has a creative outlet.
  • We serve a creative God who allows us to express ourselves in so many ways.

I used to be the person who said, "I'm not creative." I would get so frustrated when times were set aside to be creative but I was also given a paintbrush and a canvas to create something. I am not creative in that way. I wish I was but I am not. So much freedom came when I realized that creativity was more than a paintbrush and a canvas. It is a way for me to express my thoughts, my struggles, my victories, my joys. That can come in so many forms.

I feel so blessed to serve a creative God. I mean look around. There is so much creativity in the world around us. The whole first chapter of the Bible is all about God creating the world. He is such a creative God and He allows us the opportunity to also be creative.

So moving from one pendulum swing to another, that's why I feel like I am the creativity poster child. I am one of the biggest advocates for people finding their creative outlet. In the DTS, we have set aside times for creative expression because it's just that important.

I encourage you today to look around and see the beauty in our creative God. And also to find your creative outlet, the ways that you can express who you are. It's such an amazing thing to find it!


I did the painting at the top of this post. Like I said above, it's a stretch for me to paint and not my favorite creative outlet but I like stretching myself beyond my abilities!

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  1. Abstracts have always been my favorite ~ maybe because I'm not capable of anything else!! Love the bright colors with the white tracking & negative tracking. Creative is our God and those in His image!!

  2. I can TOTALLY relate to thinking "I'm not creative!" for so long. I'm glad God has given you freedom in this area. It's fun to see your excitement and confidence growing through your knitting, scrapbooking, and all the other cool projects that you're stepping out into!!

  3. I totally agree with you! :o) We have some friends here at school where we get together and paint on canvas' and I hated it b/c I was not a painter. Most of us weren't, and it's amazing the things that came out, just by simply letting that go! :o) I like your artwork. :o)

  4. I love your painting! I think you are more creative in 'that way' than you think...

  5. I am so encouraged by this post, Jen. I was just talking with Brett recently about my own need for creative expression and stretching myself. It is one area in life that is far too easy to neglect, especially when you feel like nothing productive is coming from it. But, when I do neglect it- I feel like I am forgetting that God created me with a soul... not just a physical body to "do" things, but a spiritual body that "feels" things and needs to have free expression. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this... and for living it out as a core value. I hope to join you in that soon! :)


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