Extreme Makeover :: Mbonisweni Edition

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finished home

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(photos by Jeremy)

December 31st, 26 young eager people flew over from Orlando, Florida to spend a month with us! They were on their outreach phase of their Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission. Before they came, they raised enough money to build a home for some orphans in Mbonisweni. After being with us for a month, leaving for a couple of weeks, and coming back for a week, they finished their labor of love!

Now these kids won't have to deal with getting wet every time it rains and they will be able to feel a bit more safer in their new home. Here's what some of the team members had to say about their experience.

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  1. Wow,what an opportunity for them and what a blessing for you, although now that I think about it, I guess it works both ways :). We had out youth group come for 10 days to help us last year, and it was such a blessing, we had some much accomplish with their help.


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