Mystery Project Revealed

1:16 AM

19,848 stitches later (that's approximate, of course) I am finished with my mystery project! I'm sure the suspense has been killing you, right!? Well...Courtney was right! It is a dress for my little girl! I used the Lion Brand pattern for the sun top and just added more length to make it a dress. It's a nice light cotton that won't be too hot for the African sun. I think it will make a lovely Easter dress. I was a little worried that all my time investment would be wasted as Emma Grace is very picky about her clothes. She did complain that she wanted sleeves, but once I got it on her she scampered off, a happy child. YES!

havin a look

no more pictures

walking with style

The next project is already on the needles. Hmmm...I wonder what it is?

a knit gift

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  1. This dres is so cute!!!!!!! Oh, I wish I knew how to do this kind of things but...... no idea :)

  2. Lovely dress, lovely girl!! So glad she liked it!! :)

  3. Beautiful Job!

    photographer, knitter....what else??

  4. Absolutely adorable! Especially the embroidered flowers - nice touch!

  5. Great job on the dress! Emma G. looks so pretty in it!

  6. Oh, I love it! I want to do one for Anna now! I wish knitting came to me as easily as crocheting!

  7. YES! I got it right, so exciting. Can't wait to see it in person in less than two weeks! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    (I am slightly excited)

    The dress is so, so cute on her. Beautiful job!

  8. Wow! I love the dress! Great job and I'm so glad Emma G likes it. That girl can be so picky.

  9. Really cute dress.



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