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On my Questions post, Tiffany at Home Of Harris had this to ask...

Okay, my question has to do with what type of camera you take your pictures with? I have a Canon Rebel and I am learning more about it. Do you take raw or jpeg?

I feel quite humbled to answer any questions on photography actually. I've always wanted to take some classes but never have. I'm always trying to learn more from my photographer friends, magazines, and online information. But I will answer in the limited knowledge I have!

My camera of choice is the Nikon D40. Of course, this is the very basic Nikon SLR, but for a beginner going from a simple point and shoot to a nice SLR, it has been perfect.

It came with an 18-55 mm zoom lens and a 55-200 mm zoom lens. Both have been awesome and just what I needed as a beginner. Now I have my eye on the 12-24 mm zoom lens.

I usually take photos in jpeg vs. raw. I try to avoid inside pics as I love using the natural sunlight. If I am inside, I tend to turn the flash off. I am currently trying to learn more about aperture and shutter speed and how this affects the amount of light that gets in. Like the photo below. I took this at sunset. The plant is actually green but came out black when I turned the flash off. It is fun to play around with the flash to see what you get.

sunset in africa

The settings I tend to use most on my camera are the closest subject, auto focus setting. I switch to manual if the camera is not focusing on what I want it to. I hope that answers your questions, Tiffany! And if any other photographers have any useful info, please pass it along!

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  1. I also love photography, I have been wanting to take classes specially since my husband got me a Canon Rebel XT, but as you haven't gotten a chance to get into any. There is this digital photography dvd that a paper is putting out where you can get a different dvd every 2 weeks for 9 euros.I have been getting the dvd but haven't had the chance to watch them :). they are no good in my office :)

  2. The photo of Emma Grace on your sidebar is WONDERFUL!!!

  3. Thanks Jen! Good info. As I stated in your comment I am definitely learning and Adam made it so much easier with a gift to me. It is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi/400D for Dummies book. I have been reading it as I can. I bet they make one for your type of camera? I did take photos of a newborn recently and accidentally took some in RAW-oops. The negative is you have to have quite a bit of time to work on them but the positive is you can basically create your photograph the way you want. You may already know all of this. My only wish is that I had more time to take pictures I feel like I see almost everything through a lens as a potential photograph. I love the pictures you take-you really capture emotion and beauty so well. Thanks for answering my questions!!


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