Stick Bread Over Fireside Chat

1:00 AM

fireside chat

Fireside chat...doesn't that just sound warm and inviting? The DTS students just finished reading Foreign To Familiar by Sarah Lanier. An excellent book, by the way. It opened a lot of eyes and caused a lot of discussion. So...we made a fire and chatted about the book while cooking our bread. I had never really heard about stick bread until my sister-in-law told me about it and Joshua made it at his school.

cooking stick bread

So here it is...are you ready for it? You take bread dough, wrap it around a stick and cook it on the fire! I know...the name doesn't imply that at all. But, it's true! It's such a great snack while chatting around the fire. I set out apple butter, mango butter, cinnamon and sugar, chocolate spread (nutella), honey, and butter. Man, they were good!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to be able to have outtings with people in the church. I am praying that God will bring these people.
    Do you have a photo of how the bread looked after cooked? It sounds so good.Did it take long to cook?

  2. Hey, can we have stick bread when we come?? That looks fun!

  3. Looks good!!


  4. OMG i had stick bread in South Africa on my DTS - i just googled :stick bread: to see if i could come up with any images, and it's a fellow YWAMer! ha what are the odds? we made ours around thicker pieces of wood - the same as a sausage. when the bread was done, you put your topping sauce (mustard, chutney, whatever) inside, then stick the sausage (cooked!) in! AMAZING!


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