Swimming Gala

1:10 AM

joshua at swimming gala

The kids had their swimming gala yesterday. This was the first time they participated and boy, were they nervous! Joshua could hardly sleep the night before because of the butterflies in his stomach. Emma Grace didn't have a care in the world. But when it came time for the noodle races, nervousness and fear overtook, and my poor baby turned into a teary mess.

emma grace at swimming gala

Joshua relaxed enough to compete. Although he didn't take home a medal, he did excellent on his backstroke - his strongest and most favorite technique. It was fun to watch the kids but sometimes I don't like the hype to get medals at such a young age. It was intimidating enough for the kids to swim in front of all the spectators in a pool 3 times the size of the one they take their lessons in. But I am a proud mama. They did their best and Joshua ended up getting past the nervous butterflies and had lots of fun! They were winners in my book!

joshua at swimming gala

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  1. I never thought about kids competing for medals at that age. You had the right focus, Jen, that they went out there and did their best. I'm so proud of them, too!!


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