What Not To Say On A Work Day...

1:19 AM

"Wouldn't it be funny if there was no water to take showers?"

assessing the damage

Yes, I admit I said it. After a long work day at University Village, I jokingly said it. Not 20 minutes later, someone (who of course shall remain nameless) fiercely plunged their shovel into the earth to dig up that last bit of grass when suddenly water burst out! An innocent pipe had been compromised. Not what you want at the end of the day! That comment wasn't so funny anymore! Luckily, we were able to temporarily fix it, and luckily, it was a pipe to the pool and not to the houses. Whew!

playing in the water from the burst pipe

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  1. Love the picture of Emma Grace enjoying the moment!

    p.s. Hope you don't mind I copied your signature idea - I think it's fab!

  2. Don't you just love when you say things like that and you almost wish you could just suck the words back in? Been there, done that! Cute pic of Emma Grace and I love the new signature!!

  3. I was thinking the nameless person could have taken a shower in the water that was spewing out, but since it got fixed, it was no problem! It was a little funny tho!

  4. Wouldn't it be funny....? Too hilarious - in a sympathetic kind of way, of course!


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