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12:41 AM

I'm sure the grandparents are dying to see their grandkid's birthday celebration! Well, I've kept you waiting long enough! Joshua turned 7 on the 3rd and Zoe, my niece, turned 1 on the 4th. It's so exciting to have Zach and Anneke (Jeremy's brother and his wife) working with us now! And to celebrate our kid's birthdays together! We decided to do a joint party. Most kids can't remember their first birthday anyway, and Joshua was content as long as he could invite some of his best buds. The kids swam, the adults talked, and we all enjoyed chicken on the braai, salad, and homemade bread. Scroll down to see my not-so-perfect birthday dessert!

the birthday duo

the kids having fun
pool fight

boys having fun

adults conversing


cupcakes from my new book, hello cupcake,
that were supposed to look like this...

but came out like this...
penguin cupcakes

time for cake!
zoe's cake was almost as big as she was!

birthday cake

first bite...
eating cake

first bite of cake

joshua blows out his candles!
blowing out the candle

the penguin peeking out before getting devoured!
eating birthday penguin

opening gifts
opening gifts

yea! zoe loves her gift from tante jen!
so happy

Kids birthdays are great, right? I'm always so excited to plan every detail and then, at the end of the party, I'm always happy to put my feet up, and think about how fast my precious one is growing up!

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  1. The penguins may have not turned out like they were "suppossed" to, but I am sure the kids didn't mind at all :) You did better that I could have done that is for sure.
    The cake... wow.... it sure looks good.
    So great you guys have a whole team working with you, including family.

  2. well, the cupcakes look good. I'm sure you didn't have quite the selection of supplies there in SA. Besides, it's fun to make them look good, but it really depends on the taste! :-) Isn't Hello, Cupcake the 'funnest' book?!

  3. LOVE it!!! You did a great job! I love birthday parties! :)


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