Did Somebody Say Snake??

1:19 AM

This past Sunday, while Emma Grace was sunbathing with the girls on their last Sunday before outreach...

reading in the sun


...and Joshua and his best bud were playing with his new toys from his birthday party...

best buds playing

I walked to our room to get something. The door was cracked and Jeremy was taking an afternoon snooze. As I approached, something caught my eye. A baby snake was crawling through the crack! Then it was chaos. "Jeremy!" "What!?" "A snake!" Grab broom. Smack! Smack! Smack! "Did you get it?" "No!" Smack! Smack! Smack! Noise dies down. Out walks Jeremy, broken broom, and a dead snake.

dead snake


Most of the visitors we get here are scared of one thing. Snakes. Rightfully so. Of the 2,500 species of snakes worldwide, 138 of them are found in southern Africa. About a third of these are not found anywhere else in the world. In southern Africa, 8 of these species are highly venomous including the puff adder, some different types of cobras, and of course the mamba.

Now in my 2 years of living here, I've only had 4 encounters with snakes. And the story I just told was a bit on the dramatic side (although very real). Our first week of living here, we had a snake enter our house through a window and curl itself up in said window. I happened to discover it.

Last year, I was having a one on one conversation with a friend when a cobra decided to quietly slither to our meeting spot and pop up its head. How did I know it was a cobra? Because it's head looked like this...
courtesy of national geographic

The other snake incident is not entirely mine to claim. Although I did witness it. When we went for the wedding, the family whose camper we were staying in went to start the braai when the husband discovered a baby puff adder. Jeremy and I quickly ran over. I had never seen one before and was curious what it looked like. We witnessed the killing.

Now all these snake stories might seem a bit scary to some (although they don't compare with some that I've heard), but honestly, what would I write about if not for these exciting tales of discovery, triumph, and killing?

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  1. Only good snake is a DEAD snake!!

    Glad you're okay.

  2. 4 snake encounters is 4 too many for me!!! But you do an excellent job relating the 'discover, triumph, and killing!!'

    I'm most impressed about the 'snake after death' photo.

    Hurrah to Jeremy for saving the day.

  3. Yuck!! I sure am glad I don't have any good snake stories yet...I'd like to keep it that way!

  4. Oh my. Reminds me of how I felt when we returned from the Kabokweni and found out Mindie had a snake sighting in the bath house shower. Let me tell you...I was NOT excited about taking a shower that night, especially when I found out the snake was not located and killed!
    However, we have had snakes in our house and in our backyard, so I can't say much!

  5. Oh my...... so that first picture was of the baby snake?... baby?.... is that a baby?????.... really?????.... oh my....

  6. what snake was it? i can't tell from the picture. it looks like a mamba. and i hope like crazy that it wasn't because you know you're not supposed to EVER try to kill a mamba......


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