Everything's Bigger Where?

1:14 AM

Being a native Texan, I always heard, "Everything's bigger in Texas." Maybe that's a cliche statement and you just enter your state...or country. Lately, the insects here have made me think that actually everything's bigger in Africa.

After doing some research, I actually found out that the largest moth resides in Australia, but I can assure you these African moths are much bigger than the ones I've seen in the states! Did you know that the African and N. American moths are born without a mouth? They have 2 weeks to find a mate or they literally starve to death!

african moth

And the grasshoppers...I guess they have to be big to be enjoyed as a delicacy in some African countries. (Including Uganda...yea for outreach!)

african grasshopper

This concludes yet another edition of all the critters in Africa! But don't worry! I'm sure I'll have more to report soon!

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  1. Wow girl :) You are helping me not to want to go and eat breakfast. :), and making me rethink my desire to go and visit Africa :)HA, ha just kidding :)

  2. Good thing I'm not scared of moths!! :)

  3. I'd have a large can of bug spray with me at all times!



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