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1:02 AM

Just in the knick of time, I got a new do for Stonefox's Hair Dare! I have been thinking about my new do for a couple of months now, driving my husband absolutely crazy! I knew I wanted it cut shorter but to make a decision on how? That's where my indecisiveness always comes in. I'm not particular and it's just hair so it will always grow back. But when the hairdresser asks me how I want it cut...that's when my words fumble.

I decided this time to buy a hair magazine. Why didn't I do that like several years ago?! Now I have a resource to look through every time this decision needs to be made. Although, I'm the type that goes to the salon 2, maybe 3 times a year. And the in-between, growing out stage that just seems unmanageable...well, that's when my husband gets to (wink) listen to my rantings and ravings about how my hair is driving me crazy. Why do I do that to him!?

I finally went to the salon the other day and got my new do. Drinking my cappuccino, I was thinking, "Why can't I bottle this shampoo smell and sell it for $2?" It's like every salon has that awesome smelling shampoo that, should you so choose, will drain your wallet of $20. It's a tease, I tell you. Without further ado, here's the before and after pics (taken by my husband, we had a little fun with the after pics)...

before :: gazing through the window
gazing out the window

after :: at the restaurant table
at the table with my new do

after :: reading the menu
reading the menu with my new do

after :: reading a book
reading a book with my new do

I'm definitely liking my new do. Short (and sassy) is the way for me!

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  1. I LOVE it!! It fits you so well (and your husband should be happy too! I drive mine nuts with my hair indecisiveness too!!) Great pick, girl!

  2. You Hair Dare Pics are awesome. I love the cut. I so wish that my hair wasn't curly so that I could do a cut like that.

    You are too cute. I am going to have to come back and read some.

  3. Your hair looks sooooo good!!!! I love short and sassy, it is also so easy to fix. I have been cutting it kind of like yours for the last year. Everytime I cut it I know I love it but I think about letting it grow. But then the inbetween stage come and I get it cut again. Something tells me I am going to cut it again... :) it is so easy to fix!!!!!

    I just got RAchel's tears today from Thomas Nelson Book Review. I am supposed to read it and write a review in my blog. Do you like it?

  4. Very FUN!! I assume your husband is enjoying it as well since he played along for the photo shoot!

  5. love the new do! :o)

    and i meant to tell you, the book Emma grace is reading during her sun bathing, was and is totally one of my favorites from when i was a kid! :o) Ah. so great. :o) Makes me want to go find it and buy it and read it! :o)

  6. I'm growing my hair out so something cute can be done to it in my sister's wedding. This is the closest I've had to "longer hair" in a while, but I sure miss my short hair. I was thinking of getting it dyed or highlighted so it will go back to my pre-baby blonde. I'm a bit nervous about doing that before the wedding, just in case it's a disaster!

  7. Fantastic! This is the sort of do I saw (and much admired) when I last saw you in person ... how long ago was that??!

  8. I love it. I'm copying your picture, printing it and taking it straight to the salon!

    I love the shorter in the back stuff.....

    You look Fab!!

  9. LOVE it! I got mine cut off as well. Something about freeing! I feel so youthful! ha!

  10. Jen, Love your hair do!! It fits your personality and your upbeat spirit! Keep it that way! Melinda C


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