My Silly Son Becomes Smarter?

1:12 AM

My husband informed me the other day that I might have a new addiction...knitting. Ouch! I don't want to think I am addicted. I simply can't resist the cute patterns I find that I know would be perfect for so-and-so! And to make something with my hands. I just can't seem to resist this creative outlet.

The other day I walked from the bathroom to our bedroom and found this.


knitting boy

This is exactly how I look in the evenings (ok, maybe some other times of the day, too) when it's quiet, peering over my computer at the pattern on the screen. Ok, maybe I do have an addiction? Please, no!

Did you know, though, that knitting is actually good for your brain? Watch this to see what I mean!

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  1. aah, that face! He is totally making fun of you! Cute cute!

  2. awesome! what a great addiction though! :)

  3. Was he imitating you or was he actually trying to do it?
    Too cute

  4. Well, I just watched the video you posted, and it made me even more glad that I bought a knitting kit today! We went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon, and I bought a "Teach Yourself to Knit" kit and two bundles of yarn.

    So I am ready to be stress free and have increased memory. Hope that starts real soon!


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