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Despite popular belief, it can get cold here. But it's not that Connecticut, freeze your limbs off kind of cold. Just cold enough to need some winter warmers. Like toasts, for example. And I'm not talking the kind with butter and jam. No, these look better with, say, coffee? That's right. A simple little knit to warm your arms on a cold day. Joshua liked these toasts so much that he requested his own. I love that he loves my little projects! Check out this super easy pattern here.

keeping warm

Joshua picked a blue tweed for his. I'm so happy he loves wearing what I make for him! It makes this mama's heart happy!

climbing the tree with toasts

Jeremy has requested a winter warmer of the non-toast variety. This pattern will really challenge my knitting skills. I hope to report a successful knitting project to you soon!

So as you most of you are enjoying your warmer weather, we are pulling out our sweaters, scarves, hats, and yes, toasts to keep warm this winter.

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  1. Enjoy your cool time of year! Here in Florida we are about to embark on heat and humidity. I do hope the humidity part stays at bay for a bit longer though. right now it is BEAUTIFUL! :)

  2. Really cute! Is all your stuff knitted or is some crocheted? I haven't even gotten started with my kit, I can't learn from reading instructions off a page. I need someone to show me! Can you fly over here and give me a lesson please? :-)
    Did someone teach you or did you learn from a book?

  3. Hey Courtney, you can do what I did...learn to knit from videos online! Try I watch their videos over and over again, as I couldn't learn from a book either.

    Jen, I have been thinking about doing some like that in the future, especially since winters here in Utah are pretty much never ending. They look great!!!

  4. Thanks Erin! I will definitely check that out. The only thing that could make that better is that if the video could actually see what you are doing wrong and correct you ;-)


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