Our Humble Abode

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humble abode

So we did get moved on Monday. Our friends were a huge help in getting us out of our house. Our temporary place is a little on the small side - all 4 of us sleeping in one room BUT we do have our own bathroom! We will be here another few days until our students leave for outreach. Then we'll move to the house they've been living in. Despite our short stay in this room, I always desire to make it feel homey. Even if only for a few days. To walk in and feel welcomed is always my goal. That's why pictures, plants, and a proper bin for loose toys is always a must!

hanging plant


proud artwork

We've already thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with staff and students. Yes, despite the transitional housing, this was the best decision.

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  1. Like the paintings!

    Well done getting your stuff moved - always an accomplishment, no matter how much help you have.

    This really made me think, because when I know I'm only going to be in a place for 2 years, I have trouble spending time/money on making a place homey - let alone for just a few nights!! My priority is usually getting everything PUT AWAY first! We're still working on that...

  2. I hadn't realized you were moving! I need to stop by more often! praying for ya!

    I love the pic of the front door..awesome!

  3. Praise the Lord.Is is great to know that you did what God wanted you to do. When are you guys moving?Would this house be somewhat permanent?

  4. Love seeing your beautiful, temporary home. I love hearing what you're doing, and especially why you're doing it.


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