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I first met Petros the end of last year. He usually sat by himself, not wanting to be comforted, only to sit...and shed tears. With his mother already passed away and his father very ill, this little boy had much to be sad about. Originally from Mozambique, his father brought him to S. Africa and left him with our local friend, Victoria, in Mbonisweni. His plan was to go back to Mozambique and come fetch his little son later. Now almost a year later, the father has never returned. Passed away also? Maybe. Working to save up money to come get Petros? Hopefully.


Life hasn't been easy for Petros. Before coming to Victoria, he rarely received regular meals. Now when I see this 6 year old, I see smiles that have been replaced by frowns. I see a boy who has had to deal with being abandoned by everyone and everything that seemed familiar around him. To learn a new language to even be able to speak to other kids his age. And to live with a family who wasn't his own.

why didn't i think of that?

Please pray for Petros. I can't even imagine what might go through a child's mind when he is left by his father. Hoping one day he will return, but as days go by, those hopes diminish ever so slightly until one day you just forget. By the goodness of God, he is being cared for and eating regular meals, but I think we must also pray for his spiritual and emotional health as well. That he would know that there is a Father in heaven who would never abandon him. Petros means rock. Pray that he will stand on the solid rock...

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  1. Wow Jen, thanks so much for sharing. My heart goes out to him, he is my oldest daugther age and I wonder what would do to her if she had to go thru the same.IT makes it more real. You guys are doing such a wonderful work there, not just filling up spiritual need, but also spiritual and emotional. MAy God give Petros a special sweet blessing today.

  2. Praying..hard to imagine a child going through such heartache. I find myself being so sheltered here. :) Thank you for sharing about Petros. :)

  3. I spent time with him while we were there. He is a cool kid and is being cared for now. God is so good to let us be apart of how he is taking care of His children.

  4. Petros! Sweet, wild Petros. What a little firecracker that kid is! Thanks for posting this. Reminds me to pray for him.

  5. Jen, these Tender Treasure stories are great for the 10K Tuesday prayer updates. Can I use them?


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