Celebrating The Holidays...South African Ones

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tea time

We have a little joke around here that if you want to declare a holiday here in S. Africa, all you have to do is fill out a paper and take it to the Municipality. There are SO many holidays here! In the 2 weeks that the kids have been back to school for 2nd term, they have had 3 holidays. Nice in some ways but not when you're trying to get visas for Uganda! :)

appreciation gifts

Yesterday was Worker's Day. It finds its origins with the historical struggles of workers and the trade unions and the struggles to win fair employment standards. We chose to celebrate it by honoring our local workers on the property on Thursday. We had a nice tea time with them eating bran muffins and drinking rooibos. Then we surprised them with Ten Thousand Homes T-shirts, new uniforms, and shoes! It's always hard to read reactions but after the tea, they had all gone and changed into their new get-up. I think they liked them!


tth model

It almost makes me think of Michael Scott in The Office when he always talks about productivity. But I think by treating those around you right and honoring and respecting them, it makes them want to do a good job. I'm so glad we could say, "Thank you" in this way.

new shoes!

We also wanted to honor our staff so yesterday we took them all out to eat at Jatinga. A lovely lunch on the lawn. Ok, so maybe all the South African holidays aren't so bad if you can have so much fun celebrating them!

lunch at jatinga

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  1. What a lovely celebration!

    We had "Labor Day" here yesterday. We celebrated with the teens and a cook out. Oh..and a quick trip to the beach for volleyball and freeze tag.

    Your pictures are lovely!!

  2. Way to embrace the holidays! :) I'm sure the people who work for you were pleased that you thought of them on 'Worker Day.'

    And I would say from experience that if they're still wearing what you gave them weeks or months from now, you've hit a winner.

    That outdoor meal looks fabulous!


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