Day 1 :: The Mzungus Have Arrived!

1:17 AM

Despite our hectic day before flying out, we managed to get our passports and get on the plane destined for Entebbe. Lots of reading and airplane knitting on the 4 hour flight! We landed without a hitch and met our driver for the 4 hour journey to Jinja.

taxi rink

Driving through the streets and cities of Uganda, I tried desperately to take in the sights and smells of this new land. I was amazed at the life after dark. Beauty salons and barber shops still chopping hair at 9 PM! Yes, this was such a foreign place compared to S. Africa whose night life consists of being at home, gates locked, alarm set, and early to bed.

A stop at a roadside stand to eat a rolex for dinner made me cautious. I usually opt to never eat from a street vendor, especially on a 6 day trip. But this chapati, egg, tomato, and cabbage mouthful of greasy deliciousness went down without a hitch!

eating a rolex

We were so excited to be in Jinja and be with the team. They painted us signs and waited up until we arrived. I love those guys!

welcome signs

No morning coffee, cold showers, mosquito nets...yes, definitely on outreach!

mosquito net

*Mzungu is white man in Lugandan.

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  1. Ben saw your title and said, "I've been a 'mzungu' before!"

    Ooooh, cold showers.... hopefully much good has come of this!


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