End Of Swimming Season...Evaluation Day

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The kids had their end of the season swimming evaluation on Thursday. It has been a long season...two days a week since September...so I was happy that the season was ending.

You might have followed their progress if you've been reading my blog for a while. I love evaluation day because we get to see their progress and the teachers make a plan for what the swimmers need to work on in the next season.

diving in

Emma Grace has had trouble being lazy with her kicks, not wanting to blow bubbles in the water, and after a year, of lessons, hasn't gotten water safe. BUT she has had so much progress just in the last few weeks and I saw a taste of it on Thursday. The teachers finally just had to push her beyond where she wanted to go. (Maybe that's why she locked herself in the bathroom that crazy day before leaving for Uganda.) Although she is still not officially water safe, she is able to blow bubbles and do the starfish for a whole 10 seconds. I am very proud of my baby girl!


water safety - good progress

little guppie

Joshua is definitely officially water safe. He has excelled so much in the past year. He definitely tries really hard and wants to do his best. He received 2 certificates for beginner backstroke and beginner freestyle!

the backstroke

beginner freestyle and backstroke

All the progress and the fact that it was the end of the season was a cause for celebration. So off to Wimpy's for ice cream it was!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, my little artisan and I did finish the scarf. Taking that time to teach was definitely worth it when I saw the smile on her face when she put it on!

my little artisan

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  1. Water safe - that's something they talk a lot about here in Perth, with thousands of kilometers of beaches a few minutes drive away. I'm just not sure when the best time is to begin lessons!

  2. 2 days a week since September?! Wow...I'd be ready for Evaluation day too!

    They are so cute!!

  3. Great pics! Way to go Emma Grace and Joshua.

    Seth just came in and saw that picture of Joshua with his certificate and said, "Is that Seth?". It DOES look like him!!


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