Knitting For Charity

12:51 AM

You might remember about a month ago a post about an exciting opportunity to keep orphans warm this summer through knitting! I've chatted with the founder of Knit-A-Square on the phone and it's exciting to see what is pouring in! I know some of you have contributed and for that I say thank you! This is a photo that Ronda sent me of what has come in so far. Of course, you know me. Once they get to us, I'll post lots of photos!

knit-a-square gifts

If you still want to take part in this exciting opportunity, it's not too late! Ronda informed me that they have received lots of items in the 0-5 range. The biggest need is for kids 5-20. Even though winter officially starts next month, Jeremy and I were shocked at how cold it was upon returning from Uganda (of course, we were on the equator!)

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  1. I would love to participate in this the next time around. My class schedule has completely suffocated out most knitting, but there's on two more to go and then this 6+ year endeavor will be over, with the next part of it just beginning .... and I'm pretty sure there will be more room for knitting in that one!


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