Mongolian Pancakes

12:50 AM

Huh? What are those, you might ask! Well, it's more of a concept we've adapted and now it's become tradition (2 times in a row is tradition, right?) every DTS debriefing week. Have you ever been to a Mongolian grill? You get to choose different things to put into your dish and they cook it right before you. We do it with pancakes!

mongolian pancakes

We made regular pancakes, whole wheat pancakes, and gluten-free pancakes (for our friend, Jocelyn) and set out oats, bananas, cinnamon, berries, and pecans! You take your bowl, put your desired amount of batter, add your desired extras, and cook! It's a fun fellowshipping opportunity to make to your liking and cook together.

I was so excited about my pancakes that I forgot to take a photo of the deliciousness!

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  1. Finally when I speak to someone about Mongolian Pancakes and they give me that blank look (you know the one!), I have somewhere to refer them to. Thanks Jen!


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