My Mother's Day Celebration

12:55 AM

I was very sad to miss Mother's Day with my kids while we were in Uganda. (Although, thank you, Mishea, for informing me of my Mother Of The Year Award (wink).) I decided, though, to do something special with each of them this past weekend. Emma Grace has been begging to go to our brunch hot spot, Courtyard Cafe. It's our little mother/daughter date spot and we always have to order the french toast. Don't you just love how she dressed up for our little event?

french toast

the get up

mother and daughter

The next stop after brunch is always the Shautany's Chocolate Shop. I don't mind, though. Free from hydrogenated oils, this chocolate is actually good for you, right? I love their chili chocolate and espresso chocolate!

chocolate shop

She reminded me that she still wanted a new hair band. I just wasn't happy with the overpriced, uncomfortable, plastic head bands that will break easily by a 4-year-old, bands that I kept seeing in the stores. So I offered to make her one. She was very happy with that. So we went home and got busy on her new hair band. When I get the pattern out of my head and onto paper (probably needs a little perfecting as well), I will post it. She's already drawn pictures of the ones she wants and what colors so I know there will be more in the works!

sassy frass band

After all that, I took Joshua to town with me for an ice cream at his favorite spot, Twinz. We talked about school, reading, you know, life. I love just being able to spend those special moments with each of them, concentrating on just them and their world!

eating ice cream

my son and i

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  1. Fantastic post - what a wonderful way to celebrate!!

    That sweet headband... it just might be enough to tip me into the world of knitting... do let us know about how you did it once you get it out on paper!

  2. So sweet, creating just such special memories.

    You daugther is such a diva, I love it!

  3. Looks like a fun day of celebration! One-on-one time with our kiddos is my FAVORITE!

  4. Very cute headband! I can't wait to see the pattern.

    It sounds like you had a great belated Mother's Day. Your kids are so sweet! :)

  5. I love this post. Your kids are so lovely :)And please, please post the pattern for the hair band! Janessa, who taught Courtney H. to knit, is teaching me this Thursday! Headbands are my favorite :)

  6. I want to know how to make the headband!!!!! Unless it involves anything more than knitting back and forth :-)
    Hey, wait a second. I got the Mother of the Year award! How did you get it, too??????????
    My sister send it to me. The things they can do with technology never cease to amaze me!
    Emma Grace looks great in her outfit. Love it!

  7. Oh my goodness, emma grace looks like a rock star...... Now I wonder which parent she got that from? Seriously. SUPER cute!


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