Off To Uganda

1:16 AM

Hubby and I are off tomorrow for Jinja, Uganda for 6 days. We are going to visit our team we have there. I'm really excited. I've wanted to check out what they are doing there at YWAM Hopeland. They are caring for orphans and doing work similar to what we are doing here in S. Africa.

I'm looking forward to providing a breath of fresh air to the team during their halfway point in Uganda, bringing them some goodies, and going boating on the Nile (you gotta have fun, too!)

chocolate chip cookies

I'm also looking forward to learning how they are handling the AIDS epidemic there. I've heard lots about the positive impact they've had in the past to control the spread of AIDS, including the ABC program...abstain, be faithful, use condoms. In recent years, the government has feared that AIDS is on the rise again. Maybe due to "AIDS fatigue," or the availability of anti-retroviral drugs.

Please pray for our trip. We're leaving behind the little ones. And I won't even be with them on Mother's Day (I didn't realize that when we booked the trip!) Also pray for our travels and that God would speak to us any words for the team. I look forward to reporting to you when I get back! PS I do have posts scheduled for when I'm gone.

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  1. Cool trip ahead of your. Will be looking forward hearing about it when you return.

    Too sad about not being with the kids on sunday but I am sure you will do something special with the when you get back.

    How do you schedule post? I even tried to change dates on mine but can´t seem to figure out... :(

  2. Wow!! I was thinking my next post should be "Off to change a diaper"..then I saw yours.."Off to Uganda"...What an incredible time you're living in my friend. Live each day to its fullest, bask in the joy of serving Jesus on the missionfield!!! You are making memories and impacting lives for eternity!! Love you!


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