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12:57 AM

I'm sure most of you have already seen this movie (we get things a little later here). I got a hold of the book before the movie and I have to recommend both! Although the story is very similar, a lot of the details in the book and movie are very different. Watching and reading it brought me back to the sights and sounds I remember from my travels to India. Reading about the children who are harmed so they can bring in money for their pimps, brought back the painful memories of seeing kids on the streets of India with pitchforks through their tongues. It's absolutely heartbreaking to think kids are being used in this way.

The story is about a young boy from the slums who wins a million on a game show only to be accused of cheating. We learn his story of how he knew the answers to every question. It's sad that the caste system is still in place in India, and that's why he was accused of cheating. How could a boy from the slums have the knowledge that he displayed? If you get a chance, be sure to watch, and read, Slumdog Millionaire!


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  1. Loved, loved, loved this movie. Beautiful, haunting story. Heartbreaking lives these kids lead.

  2. Adam and I just finished watching this movie and it was so good. It made me so sad. But it was a very beautiful movie. I would also like to read the book...maybe this summer?!


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