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cooking with emma

My sweet little girl LOVES cooking with me in the kitchen. Even in the mornings, with her sleepy eyes, she insists on coming with me to the kitchen to make her breakfast. In the evenings, when she's not playing with her cousin, she often drifts into the kitchen to lend a "helping" hand. Sometimes in my flurry of getting dinner on the table, I get annoyed, knowing I can do it faster. (Gosh, I hate it when selfishness rears its ugly head!) Then that still, small voice gently nudges and reminds me, "She looks up to you." I stop, let God change my perspective, and gladly welcome her in the dinner flurry. Then we have so much fun! The other night I let her stir the veggies while I quickly went to tell Jeremy something. I came back to see her singing and shaking her hips. What a smile she brought to my face. A smile I would have missed had I ushered her out the door during my cooking frenzy. Thank you, Jesus, for your still, small voice that guides us...

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  1. The cooking thing must be a girl thing :) My three ones do the same, and then I will try to cook with 3 little ones asking about everything :). I am using the setting up the table to buy me some time :) they also love doing that too so.... we 4 win!

  2. When she's 10, she'll be baking your birthday cake! :) What a great little helper!

  3. What a wonderful post...such a great reminder!

  4. I'm very much a "get it done" person, so God has to continually remind me to let the moments & doing be slow and beautiful!

  5. Great reminder to slow down and not be in such a hurry. Thanks Jen!


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