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1:12 AM

big tree

I love this tree. For many reasons. It's beauty is astounding. It's scent is invigorating. It's bigness is overwhelming. It's branches are strong.

plumeria opening


My kids, especially Joshua, love this tree. When I can't find him, I can usually count on him being in this tree. It's his being alone spot. His quiet spot. I can't blame him. I think, I hope this will be his tree that brings back happy memories of his childhood. The tree that he climbed when he wanted to take a step back and just be alone with his Maker in the midst of the sweet smelling plumeria. I love this tree.

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  1. Beautiful Pictures!!

    I love that tree too...and I have never seen it until now. :)

  2. It's branches are so LOW to the ground - even a tiny youngster could get themselves up in there! GREAT retreat spot!

  3. Amazing photography! And my son would love that tree also.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love that tree now too ;)

  5. Did you know that this is "the" tree? :-)


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